Wet Felted Alpaca Dryer Balls
Wet Felted Alpaca Dryer Balls

Wet Felted Alpaca Dryer Balls

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All Natural Alpaca Dryer Balls – A Healthy Natural Alternative to chemically treated dryer sheets!!

Fiber for these dryer balls is grown on small family alpaca farms in the USA!

Place the alpaca dryer balls in your dryer for a natural way to soften and fluff your laundry. Just leave them there even between loads. They help reduce the drying time by as much of 25%, saving on your money on your electric bill. The dryer balls reduce wrinkles and static without the use of dyes or harsh chemicals and potentially toxic chemicals which can lead to:

  • Skin rashes
  • Asthma attacks
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Nervous system disorders

These alpaca dryer balls will last several years. If you want a fresh scent on your clothes, put a drop of essential oils on the dryer balls, easy! 

Alpaca Dryer Balls make an excellent alpaca gift for friends and family and a simple yet amazing way to show off a unique benefit of alpaca! 

Suggested use: use up to 3 dryer balls at a time per load. Can be used over and over again!    

Hand made by an USA alpaca farm from USA grown alpaca fiber! 

Set of 3, 100% Alpaca Dryer Balls in an attractive white mesh gift bag with insert card shown here. Each ball is approximately the size of a tennis ball. Made from USA alpaca, the dryer balls tend to randomly vary in colors but typically a mix of colors, light to dark, will be seen. 

Size: approx 1.2 oz, 3" each

Note: Colors vary (natural material)