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Hand Packaged Colonial Black Tea Trio - Loose Leaf

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A variety of anything is always a good idea when hosting an event. This Colonial Black Tea Trio gives your guests options when it comes to their tea. This set also makes a great gift.

Once so popular its' name was substituted for the word "tea," Colonial Bohea is a black tea blend of pekoe, orange pekoe, and souchong (lightly smoked) tea leaves. Colonial Bohea delivers as a smokey, winey and warm tea. Congou is a black tea, smooth and sweet with the flavor of unsweetened baked apples. East Indian Tea rounds out the sampler as a brisk and malty black tea comprised of Assam Black Tea (Orange Pekoe grade leaf)

Contents: Colonial Bohea Loose Tea, Congou Loose Tea, East Indian Loose Tea (assam black tea, orange pekoe grade leaf) Size/Weight: 3 3oz loose tea portions, sealed in matte black signature tea tins Hand Packaged

Sampling of three colonial black teas in 3oz signature tins. 

Sampling includes: Colonial Bohea, Congou, and East Indian fine teas

Hand Packaged