DISPOSABLE PLATES: Paper vs. Palm Leaf

DISPOSABLE PLATES: Paper vs. Palm Leaf

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Whenever I am sharing my love for our palm leaf plates with people, something I am sometimes asked is, "What makes them better than paper plates?" What a great question! Let's discuss Paper vs Palm Leaf plates.

Paper is an obvious better choice for the environment to plastic or styrofoam when it comes to disposable plates. But is paper the BEST choice we have available?

While many (not all!) paper products are eco-friendly and biodegradable, the amount of resources it takes to produce paper make it an option that isn't sustainable for our planet. Trees are slow-growing and are needed to oxygenate our atmosphere, and the forests cut down to make into paper are homes for millions of animals and other important fellow inhabitants. The processing mills in which paper are made use an incredible amount of water during the process, and use a lot of fuel to run the processing machines, which pollute the air we breathe...Where are those trees when we need them?? Oh. 

Let's talk about palm leaves! After the palm leaves for our plates are stitched together with biodegradable threading, they go through a steaming process to be cleaned, softened, and sanitized before being pressed into the desired shape. They are durable, leak-proof, can even be used to bake, are absolutely GORGEOUS (all are uniquely patterned) and look so much better in photos than paper plates! Just look at them. They almost look like wood! and for the price, they really can't be beat.

The next time you are tempted to reach for paper plates for your next bbq, picnic, or party, consider trying out our Palm Leaf Plates. We hope you do! You'll be surprised how many compliments you will get about them and you'll feel even better about how kind you were to Earth.

Palm Leaf 10" Square Plates (Set of 25/50/100)

Palm Leaf 10


Green Goddess Favorite Our palm leaf square 10 inch plates are the perfect alternative to paper, plastic, and styrofoam tableware. They are made entirely from nature, from naturally fallen areca palm leaves. All we do is clean them up and...read more

Whenever there is a paper product as an option, think if there might be something better. Many paper products are being replaced with biodegradable bamboo fiber, which is actually a fast growing grass and a much more sustainable resource than trees. Consider straws, for example. There are straws made out of:

  • wheat hay
  • bamboo
  • pasta (yes, for real!)
  • edible straws (shout out to Twizzler, the OG edible straw)
  • Reusable straws made of glass, metal, silicone

Just some food for thought...

Hope you have a beautiful day and are staying happy, healthy and sane. 


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